Todays Special

Sunday Brunch 10:30 until 3pm. Lunch menu also available.

Happy hour from 3pm until 6pm (at the bar).
Sunday Football Specials from 1pm until close at the bar. (until 4 at tables)

Shark Blog

See what Big Daddy and Shark originator Travis Wright have to say about food, sports, drinks and more.

In The Kitchen

Whats cooking, see what The Shark recommends for your lunch and dinner tonight.

Chefs Cocktail

Our Drinks are made from fresh ingredients with a twist.

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Salad and Salad Dressings

Bacon Vinaigrette - View

This vinaigrette is great served warm or room temperature. Perfect for fall or winter salads. Also works well over soft cheeses.

Sun dried tomato and balsamic vinaigrette - View

This one is for you Carol!

Yuzu Vinaigrette - View

A great salad dressing or drizzled on barely cooked oysters!

We love our locally grown organic produce and greens. We feature them here.